No matter how much you learn about search engine optimization and no matter how many tutorials you follow, some tools will always help you perform better and rank higher in search engine results. This is because SEO operations such as keyword research, ranking tracking, and conversion trends tracking are impossible to carry out manually. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to SEO tools and in this article, we will list 3 of the best and most efficient SEO tools that Google offers to small businesses for free.

1- Google Analytics

Google is the most important and relevant search engine in the world right now and its tools can provide endless options. Google Analytics is an analytics tool and it’s available for free. After its proper installation on your website, this tool will report endless details and information that you need to know about your website. The information provided by Google Analytics include but are not limited to; the best strategies that provide traffic to your website, how visitors use it, and the website content that attracted the most visitors.

2- Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

This is another free SEO tool from Google and it comes with a lot of services to give small businesses. After setting your Google Search Console account, the tool will notify you of any errors on your website. This tool is also very helpful in exploring keywords; rankings, the number of clicks, trends. At the same time, Google Search Console can provide reports stating how your website pages performed in search engines. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are 2 separate tools but you can combine them and get even more reporting options.

3- Google My Business

We talked a lot about Google My Business and how essential it is to establish an online presence for any local business. If you’re a local business but you still haven’t set your Google My Business account and claimed your listing, you’re missing out on a lot of advantages. Google My Business was introduced in 2014 and has witnessed an enormous development of users and capabilities. We can say that Google My Business is a business’ online ID; it shows your contact information, your location on the map, feedback given to your business, and a lot more details your potential customers want to know about your business. It’s also worth noting that setting a Google My Business account for your business will help you rank higher in local search results. In this article, we wanted to cover the 3 most popular tools by Google that small businesses can use and take advantage of. In our next article, we will explore other tools and options to use in 2020.