In this article, we are going to explore some new Google My Business features that Google had released recently. These features can be very beneficial to the marketers that use them first as they will make them a few steps ahead of their competitors.
  • Request A Quote

This feature allows you to add a “request a quote” button directly into your listing. By doing that, you enable searchers and potential clients to request a quote about a service you provide. Once they do that, you will receive their request on your device so that you can answer it directly. This feature can be activated in 2 steps:
  • Install the Google My Business app on your device and log into it with the same email address you used for your Google My Business listing.
  • Enable the messaging option on the app. You can do this by clicking the “Customers” tab at the bottom of the dashboard. Then, tap the messages option at the top of the Customers tab. Finally, press turn on to the “Get Messages from Customers” tab.
After enabling this option, customers will be able to submit questions, inquiries, and comments through your Google My Business listing. You will get notified immediately to connect with them and answer their requests.
  • Q&A Auto Suggest

Google had added, not so long ago, an option that allows searchers and clients to ask businesses questions directly from their relative Google business listings. The majority of businesses are still unaware of such options so they are not widely used. The lack of usage that comes with such an option represents a set of missed opportunities for Google My Business users. Searchers ask very specific questions that can not only convert them into clients but also enrich the listing with information that potential clients will need. The worst situation, when it comes to Q&A, is to have unanswered questions on your listing. At the same time, you will not always have to answer each question separately. Google’s Q&A Auto Suggest will answer some questions on your listing based on your listing’s data. The details that Google auto-suggests come from; your previous answers to questions on your listing, reviews, and Google posts. This option works in a way where searchers can see different details about your business and listing as they type their question. It’s an option that saves both the time and the effort.
  • An Offer to Enhance the Number of your Followers

Many marketers don’t know that customers are able to follow their businesses on Google Maps. It’s very simple to follow a business on Google maps; you search for the business, click its name, then click the follow button. Having followers for your business can be very important as it updates them with your Google Posts and promotions in the “For You” section in Google Maps. In this context, it will be completely normal and natural to generate more business through higher numbers of followers. While this option is not new, the new feature that came with it is that marketers are now able to create special offers. These offers aim to attract visitors and clients to follow their businesses. To enable this option, marketers should:
  • Open the Google My Business app
  • Tap “Customers” at the bottom
  • Tap “Followers” at the top menu
  • Under the number of your followers, you will find “CREATE A POST”. Click it.
  • Scroll and select “Welcome Offer”
  • Fill the necessary details and upload an attractive picture.
  • Confirm the offer.
The final step is getting visitors and clients to know about your offer so you have to share it through as many tools as possible. You can use social media, an email list, or publish it on your business’ website.