Every conversion matters for businesses aiming to get more leads because every single one can represent a paying client. The greatest way to have a better SEO campaign is to boost the efficiency and quality of the traffic your website is getting. The higher the quality leads that come from traffic, the more profit you will get from your search engine marketing. In this article, we will explore 5 tips to boost conversion rates in lead-generation-based businesses. Many businesses spend a lot of money optimizing their online presence to boost conversions by the slightest margins. Of course, while 2-3% can seem like a minor number, these businesses are fully aware that even a 1% increase can get them a lot of profit in the short and long terms. However, not all businesses can afford the high expenses of complete regular conversion rate optimization tests. So, this is what we do:

We Include our Phone Number

Not every potential client will convert to your website or go through the whole funnel. Many customers get impressed by the product or service you’re offering so; they may want to talk to someone who will convince them to make the purchase. This is why you need to include your business’ phone number. Not having a reachable business phone number will not only cost leads but also buying clients.

We Allow Potential Customers to Chat with Us

Implementing a chat function on a website has proved to be very beneficial. While most businesses avoid the chat function out of their conviction that they won’t have the necessary capacities to run it, the chat function doesn’t need someone to monitor it. It actually runs like an answering machine programmed to meet the clients’ most obvious inquiries. Moreover, an efficient chat function doesn’t require huge financial resources; there are some free tools that can do the job.

We Focus on the Right Elements in our Website

Many website designers choose pictures and nobody hates a good picture. However, sometimes, a picture can be nothing more than a visual element that doesn’t present any added value. Especially in the case of stock photos; over usage of pictures can lead to a great form but a terrible function. In many cases, ugly websites convert a lot better than well-designed counterparts. This is simply because they highlight why a potential client has to choose their business instead of any other. You need to determine your business’ unique selling proposition and present it clearly on your website’s home page.

We Don’t Use a Slider

A lot of studies and authority sources have states that there shouldn’t be a lot of movement on a landing page as that will limit conversions. The movement will distract your potential client and limit their chances of finding what you want them to see the most; your unique selling point. Most businesses love sliders because they allow them to communicate more about their products or services. However, they don’t acknowledge that it’s not about how much your potential client sees as it’s about what they see.