We will never stop highlighting how important SEO is for your website, content, and products to be found online. Social media can help you reach a lot of people but it could never match Google’s potential. Using Search Engine Optimization the right way will help your website rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  Of course, the higher you rank, the more chance you have to be found and contacted by your potential customers. Ranking as high as possible in search results is very important because people tend to choose one of the first options they find when searching for something online. We wrote a lot about the things that you should do to achieve efficient Search Engine Optimization. In this article, we explore some of the things that you shouldn’t do when planning and executing your SEO strategy.
  • Shaping an SEO Strategy Without Setting Clear Goals

One of the major common mistakes that some marketers and business owners do when shaping their SEO strategies is not setting clear goals for their efforts. Many of them explain this practice by a belief that their focus should be pointed toward what they can do and not what they should expect. Setting realistic SEO goals before building a strategy will help you evaluate the strategy at a later point. Having clear goals will help you realize what to change and what to keep in the strategy based on objective evaluations of the statistics.
  • Not Optimizing for Mobile

A high percentage of all traffic comes from mobile devices. You need to make sure your website is responsive and will run smoothly on all mobile devices. Google detects whether a website is mobile-friendly or not and having a mobile-friendly website increases your chances of being found on search results. Google ranking factors are not limited to mobile-friendliness, you also need to make sure that your page speed is appropriate. You need to test your website constantly and evaluate its performance as a random user would.
  • Not Learning About the New Trends

As we mentioned in the introduction and on many other articles, the SEO world doesn’t cease to develop and feature new trends and changes. To be successful and make sure you’re always a step ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure that you’re up-to-date with the newest changes. Google keeps updating its apps, services, and algorithms and being updated will help you implement the right strategies.
  • Choosing Search Engines Over Customers

Many content creators and marketers spend their time worrying about search engine optimization and satisfying Google algorithms until they forget that their content is for real people. You need to concentrate on satisfying the potential customers that will visit your pages because they are the ones who will buy from you and keep your business alive. Always remember that search engines are the mean and customers are the end. Simply put, you can be ranked very well on search engines and your potential customers still wouldn’t buy from you. To fix that, you need to focus on meeting your potential clients’ needs with enough attention to search engine optimization in the process.