Local search is a highly important component of anyone’s work on the internet; whether you own a business, an online store, or even a blog. People now use their computers and portable devices to make their purchases. You always want to be seen and you want your statistics to grow every second because the more online visitors you attract, the more profit you make and the more growth you achieve. The local search game can be tricky but once you get familiar with its tips and tricks, it gets easier and more profitable. In this post, we’re going to explore 4 steps through which you can grow your local search visibility and appear on the first pages of the biggest search engines out there.
  • Google My Business (GMB): A Must

We talked about Google My Business in many of our blog posts. It’s really important for businesses to claim their companies on GMB. This step can make a huge difference in the Google Local Search results. The verification isn’t complicated at all. Google sends you a PIN that you use to verify your account once you log in the platform. This is a required important step that proves to Google your business is legitimate. After the verification, you can start optimizing your business profile with the description and all the details you want your potential customers to know about your business.
  • Positive Reviews Increase Everything

Nowadays, reviews can make or break any business. New customers trust old customers so winning old customers who will back you up when targeting new customers can do wonders for your business. Google recognizes the huge importance of reviews that’s why they’re seriously considered in local search ranking. I’m sure you’re giving positive reviews a huge importance but this is a part of your work that you need to work on more and more. Sometimes, you will have to ask happy customers for a convincing positive review. You need to determine how many positive reviews you want on your website pages and figure out a way to reach customers who are willing to write some of those reviews for you. There are some software solutions that can help you; Trustpilot, Vendasta, and Get Five Stars are examples you can check out.
  • Social Media is a Winning Horse

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the power social media has in today’s business. You need to take advantage of this power and get it on your side. Statistics have shown a massive daily increase in social media usage and influence on people all over the world. People now check the reviews a product has on social media before determining whether to buy it or not. Some even make the decision as soon as they see the business profile on social media. As a business, you need to be active on social media and engage with your customers; old and potential ones. This presence can be achieved with all the posts you make and share on social media. Your posts need to be engaging and constantly revolving around local topics and interests. You need to share your content and get it shared as much as possible.
  • Pay Attention to the Format of Your Online Posts

The format of your online content can make a huge difference in your local search efficiency. The titles, meta descriptions, and images you share need to be well arranged in a way that pushes search engines to rank you first. You need to keep in mind that people go through search results very fast so, sometimes the first 3 words they see can make them choose your page or not. You need to make some research and figure the best content strategies available for the platform you’re using. You need to figure out the best number of characters that can be used for titles and meta-descriptions. On the other hand, your choice of words is really important in the process. There are some tools that can be very helpful in completing this the best way. For WordPress, there is Yoast SEO. Working on a content for local search purposes has to include the name of the city you’re targeting. The order of words has to be carefully made as well in a way where the important words come first (name, city, product…) These 4 steps are some of the basics of local search and there are always changes and trends you need to get familiar with. You can always experiment with all the steps and strategies you find on local search. At the same time, don’t be afraid to seek professional help because it will be worth it.

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