As a business owner and/or content creator, it’s never enough to count on people finding your pages on search engines without working on search-optimization first. As the name suggests; search-engine optimization is a process of various steps that change and develop but always lead to the same outcome; better ranking on search engine search results. In this article, we will explore 5 search engine optimization methods you should work on implementing in your online content. These steps will lead you to achieve better rankings on search engine results.
  • Be Constant in Creating Quality Content

Your entire work starts with the frequency and quality of your content. If you don’t update your website with high-quality content, you won’t have the best ranking on search engines.  Think of this as your way to attract more visitors to your website and keep them coming back for the top quality and consistency of your content. The frequency of visits to your website is not the only factor that matters, the time visitors spend navigating your website is also important in the SEO equation. Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world and it has a role in determining the ranking of Google search results. Having your website pages bookmarked and checked for a long time by many users will help you reach the first page of Google Search.
  • Use Headings

Header tags can contribute to your website in 2 very important ways; they make your content look better being divided properly for users to find what they need easily. Content with headings always encourages people to keep reading the content and check the different parts looking for what might be beneficial for them. On the other hand, a very long text will not only discourage people and kick them out of your website, but it will also affect your on-page search engine optimization and your chance to feature the first page of Google search.
  • Target All Devices, Especially Mobile

Your content shouldn’t be exclusive to desktop users or mobile users, it has to be accessible properly to all users of all gadgets, especially mobile devices. Studies have shown that 60% of Google users make their searches through mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will detect that and rank you lower on search result pages. When creating a website or blog for your business, make sure to make it responsive for all devices to access it easily.
  • Social Media is Very Important

As a business owner, social media is very important for your products. However, it should be considered for your website as well because social media is very important in SEO. You can argue that everyone knows that but let me tell you that what most people don’t know. It’s that having people share your website pages on their social media accounts will boost your ranking on Google search results.
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO. In our previous article; 4 Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Optimization (Free and Efficient), we explained how keywords can contribute to better search engine optimization and result in a higher ranking on Google searches. We also provided 4 keyword-research tools that will put you on the right track in implementing an SEO strategy that will rank you above your competitors.