As soon as you set your Google My Business account and claim your listing, you normally start aiming at the good results. In this article, we will give you some suggestions and recommendations to adjust your listing and get the highest ranking in local search results.

In your marketing efforts and as you plan and implement the strategies that you find suitable for your business. There are many details you have to pay attention to. Sometimes, a small detail can make a huge difference in your local search visibility and rank on search engines. Google My Business is this kind of game, there are many things you have to do properly to get the best results out of your listing. The optimization of Google My Business listings has become a highly important element in SEO strategies. This optimization includes many details you have to pay attention to on your listing. The most important thing about your listing is that has to be updated with the most accurate information (store hours, numbers, and location). The details you include in your listing are vital but there are many other things that you can adjust to get the best out of your GMB account. Your GMB optimization may consist of very simple steps. Most of these steps will seem too simple to make a difference, you have to know that they actually do make a huge difference.

Address standardization

Stating an accurate address on your listing is a no-brainer but you have to make sure that it suits the recognized and standardized guidelines. Anything that doesn’t meet these standards on your GMB listing can have terrible repercussions on your local ranking. You have to check the proper formatting and standards that the United States Postal Service (USPS) follows and compare it to the address on your listing. This very small detail can make a huge difference for your local ranking. In case you’re not in the United States, you should compare the address on your listing to your country’s local address standards.

Geocode accuracy

GMB transforms your listing address to geocodes, the geocode will display the location on which your business will appear in Google Maps. It’s not that simple, however, many businesses fail to acquire accurate geocodes. With an inaccurate geocode, Google Maps could display your business in a different location that may be far away from the actual location. That would be catastrophic for any business as nobody wants their clients to have trouble finding their business. Having a geocode that will mislead your customers can affect your brand so it’s highly important to make sure your geocode is accurate.

Accurate Business Category

Google keeps updating its algorithms for many different reasons. Google never ceases to make updates and changes to their search engine and services to provide its visitors with the most accurate and helpful information they search for. So with each change Google does, it gives more importance to accuracy and relevance. When you include accurate and precise details about your business starting with its category, you have more chances of having better local search results and having your business appear for the search operations targeting its respective category. Do not list your business with a broad and general business category, no matter how accurate they can be. Make sure to provide the most accurate and precise business category for your business, it will contribute to your search results greatly.

Proximity to search

Always remember that every information and detail you include on your Google My Business listing has to be accurate and relevant. That includes your business’s listed location. Many businesses make the mistake of listing their locations in large cities (that they are close to but outside of). Most of them think that it will attract more clients and have a larger potential client’s base, I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that. Google highly considers proximity when calculating local search ranking. Still, Google figures out when businesses state inaccurate locations on their Google My Business listings. Of course, this will have terrible outcomes on the visibility of these businesses in local search. For example, if your business is located in Evanston, Illinois, give your actual location. Don’t state Chicago as your location to get more attention and clients. If you do, you will lose the search visibility in your actual location.

Pay Attention and Reply to Reviews

Mysterious businesses get less confidence from customers. Customers tend to avoid businesses they don’t know anything about. Most of them avoid taking the risk of being disappointed by the quality of products and services these businesses offer especially that they have no proof of this quality. This is where the importance of reviews comes. Always ask your happy customers to dedicate few minutes to share their happy experiences with you and your business through a review on your Google My Business listing. It’s always great to have as many good reviews as possible on your GMB listing, it will give you more visibility and lead Google to rank you higher.

Invest in some Engaging Content

When your website gets inactive, it might be mistaken for being dead. To avoid that you can simply invest in some engaging content on your website. By doing this, you can reach out to your target customers and promote your products and services. Fresh engaging content will also contribute to high rank for your website. In this context, you should consider using Google Posts, the service allows you to publish event posts, promotions, and all kinds of details about your business on Google Search and Maps.

Use Images

Pictures can be very powerful in getting the highest ranking in local search results, still, many businesses don’t include images in their GMB listing. When customers start searching for businesses online, they always search for images of products and stores. Providing images for your listing can lead many customers to you.Providing your target clients with images of your business and products can be super beneficial to your local ranking. Always keep in mind that some details can seem unnecessary to you but in fact, they can make all the difference.  
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