In its efforts to widen the Local Guides program, Google made a “game” out of user contribution.

2 years ago, Google launched a project that seems to be similar to the Yelp Elite Squad and called it; City Experts. The program aimed at accelerating the collection process of “high-quality” local business reviews. The program’s name then got renamed in January of this year to become; Local Guides. The initial project gave rewards for the highest number of reviews submitted. After 50 reviews, for example, members get rewarded access to a Google+ community that enables them to be invited to exclusive local events and more. Reviews had to meet quality guidelines. Here you can check the levels and new point system:

Local guides point totals

As we mentioned, the reward system is now based on points and points can be gathered in so many different ways, not just through submitting reviews. Google stated that “You can earn points and level up by writing reviews, uploading photos, adding new places, fixing outdated information, and answering simple questions. Each contribution type is worth one point, so you can earn up to five points per place.” Basically, the company has widened the mission and purpose of Local Guides to not just submit reviews, images, and tips but also to help report and correct incomplete or wrong information.
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