While this new feature hasn’t been officially publicized, many local guides declared that it has been available for to some verified GMB accounts. This feature allows businesses to set a short name and URL in order to provide Google My Business users with an easier way to make their business accounts more visible and easily accessible to potential customers.

According to a report by Mike Blumenthal, a Local Guide for Google: “Customers can enter the short name URL in the browser’s address bar, like “[yourcustomname]”, to go directly to your Business Profile.”

The short name will represent the unique identity and business name and brand related to Google My Business account. It will be available for all verified Google My Business accounts. It’s not available to all accounts yet simply because it’s still rolling out.

In order to get a short name, verified Google My Business users have to sign in to the platform through a computer and select the location for their short name. On the left-hand side menu, the user should click the “info” tab and select “add profile short name”. Then, they can choose their short name which has to consist of no less than 5 characters and no more than 32. The chosen short name will appear as “pending” and be displayed on the GMB profile when it gets approved.

To set the short name from a mobile device, users should open the Google My Business app and select “profile” then “add profile short name”. After saving the changes, the short name will take some time as “pending” before getting approved and showing on the GMB profile.

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