Google’s “workshop for experimental products” Area 120 announced the introduction of CallJoy; a virtual agent and “easy-to-use phone technology for small businesses”. The new service promises to assist SMBs in providing good-quality customer service. Choosing Call Joy will result in less human intervention in answering the phone and responding to customer phone calls. Call Joy is made to answer all calls received by small businesses.

The Call Joy Agent

Call Joy works through a Google Voice-like local phone number. The calls received by this phone number go through a system that’s made of technologies such as; Google Assistant and Duplex. The system does not only take care of answering phone calls for the small business, but it also filters calls, blocks spam calls, and handles the business’ call-management. According to the blog post that contains the announcement: “When the phone rings, the automated CallJoy agent answers, greets callers with a custom message and provides basic business information (like hours of operation),”. The service can take care of various tasks that usually require human interference; scheduling an appointment, making an order, or providing the business’ basic details.

Call Joy Transcribes the Calls it Receives

After answering the call, Call Joy starts recording and transcribing it. This function is carried out to not only enable business owners to have more details about their customers’ inquiries, questions, and needs. It’s also to explore customer patterns and save data in case it’s needed in the future. We still can’t evaluate Call Joy and decide whether it’s useful or not. However, we can expect that if the service works as advertised, it will absolutely make a huge difference for small businesses with a few employees. For the time being, the service can only be accessed on an invite-only basis. Access can be requested through the service’s official website but eventually, it’s going to be available for all businesses.

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