In a new and recent effort to help small businesses market better, Google has beta-launched the Small Business Advisors program. The Small Business Advisors (SBA) program provides small businesses with 50-minute personalized advisory sessions on the different products that Google has to offer. Notable examples of these products include; Google My Business, Ads, Analytics, and almost all the major services small businesses need.

Exclusive to Small Businesses

Google announced that Small Business Advisors, as the name suggests, is exclusive to small businesses in the United States who have and use Google accounts. Therefore, large businesses, marketers, and agencies are neither targeted nor accepted by the program? As for the fee, Google priced the consultation at $39.99 per session. The announcement got many observers wondering how a small business is defined according to the program.  We believe that companies with a number of employees that’s less than 500 are the target of this program. This is in accordance with the United States Small Business Administration definition of small businesses. We also believe that this program will be used mainly by very small businesses with minimum numbers of employees. 

It’s Not Google Support 2.0

Google explained that the Small Business Advisors program is not a second or an improved version of Google Support. The main difference, according to the company, is that when using support, users reach out to the company to solve problems in the services that they know how to use or have been using for years. However, with the Small Business Advisors, the company aims to train businesses and help them become proficient in using the services they need the most. According to Google, the new program is for businesses that;
  • Are overwhelmed and lost vis-à-vis their online presence.
  • Have detailed inquiries about a specific Google product.
  • Work without any marketing personnel and without online marketing specialists.
  • Are completely unfamiliar with Google products.
Google’s research indicated that between 60% and 70% of small businesses don’t have professional online marketing support. They manage their online presence all on their own. This is why the program aims to help and support these businesses.

How It Works

Recommendations under the Small Business Advisors program are set to be customized and delivered by video-chat and screen sharing. Google recommends that the program users should set very clear goals from the consultation before taking part in it. The company also states that the program enrollers can discuss a couple of Google products per consulting session.