IT and SEO can be interrelated and interdependent. Their positive collaboration can take companies to the next levels of marketing and branding. While SEO teams have the primary task of shaping the best search engine optimization strategies, IT teams can come in to make these strategies implemented quickly and more efficiently. It’s important to acknowledge that SEO campaigns differ depending on the size of the corporations they are made for. Working with small businesses makes SEO tasks’ approvals and implementations quick and smooth. However, in big corporations, the same operations can take a lot longer to come through because of the many people and parties involved in the process.  In this article, we will explore the best ways to make the SEO/IT collaboration as efficient and fruitful as possible.

 What Does the IT Department Do?

Implementing SEO strategies and updates can seem like an easy and simple task for an IT team to handle. When the work is completed by the SEO team, putting their strategies into action can seem like a simple process. IT teams aren’t always fast in implementing SEO strategies and working on all aspects of the SEO work simply because they have a bigger picture to focus on. In this context, they have more important priorities to focus their attention and effort on; the smooth functioning of the website, data security, website responsiveness and speed, improving click-through rates… Prioritizing tasks and operations can make IT teams put SEO work and updates on hold and that can be frustrating for the SEO teams. 

What Is the Solution? How Can SEO and IT Teams Work?

  • Communication and Education
The best point to start from, for SEO teams, is to learn how the IT teams work and operate. Understanding their processes and procedures can make SEO teams know what to recommend, when to recommend it, and when to expect it to be done. It goes without saying here that good communication between the two teams is vital for the good continuity of their collaboration and work. And for good communication to be possible, SEO teams need to understand the IT people and learn their language. It’s not an obligation for SEO teams to know the specifics and details of the IT’s work but being able to communicate and explain requests in a clear and familiar language for IT teams can make them move SEO operations along.
  • Building a Solid Relationship
Many digital marketing companies and agencies don’t acknowledge that the IT teams that they are very frustrated with are their clients in the first place. Building a professional and solid relationship with these teams is the only solid foundation to build good work on. Of course, the process is not easy and is not supposed to be easy so it would be a great start to find a vis-à-vis within the IT team that understands the importance of SEO and that is willing to coordinate between the two teams. This solid relationship would also entail including IT teams in the key meetings that gather the SEO teams with the company executives and contact people.