Various SEO tactics and strategies have been used by business owners and online content creators to rank as high as possible in Google search results. With all the websites and pages on the web, there still is a formula to help you rank higher in Google search results. In this article, we are going to explore the content modifications that will make a significant difference in your SEO efforts.
  • Ask Questions in your Titles

As you can see, the title of this article comes in the form of a question. Title tags that include questions have proved to receive higher CTR rates. Having high click-through rates (CTR) tells Google that people are clicking on your listing and therefore, it automatically gets a higher ranking on search results. Titles that include a question have also proved to stimulate searchers’ curiosity and make them eager to check the content you created.
  • Make your Title Tags 15 to 40 Characters Long

The number of characters in your title tag can make a difference and while it may seem like a tiny detail, when it comes to SEO, the tiniest details make the biggest difference. It can also be efficient to choose longer title tags containing your main keywords. However, shorter titles between 15 and 40 characters have also proven to be an asset to SEO efforts. This can be explained by the ever growing spread of mobile searches and how today, people search on Google through their mobile devices more than they do on laptop and desktop computers. Smaller screens require short titles and people searching on the go will definitely choose a title that’s precise, concise, and straight to the point.
  • Fill the Meta Descriptions

I’m sure many of you found this point very obvious but I still want to insist on the importance of solid meta descriptions. There are so many business owners and content creators who don’t use meta descriptions at all and that’s completely wrong. A meta description is set to make readers know what your page is about and it’s an opportunity for you to make them click on your page. This is why meta descriptions are very important and they should be filled by the content creator instead of having Google fill them automatically.
  • Use your Keywords Wisely

Keyword placement and density have always been vital to every SEO strategy. Placing your main keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and tags will make a huge difference in ranking higher in Google search results. Many people think that such old tactics as this one are no longer important and they are highly mistaken. Using keywords is still as important as it has always been, however, you should know that the keyword density doesn’t have to be very high (higher than 1%). Use your keywords wisely and don’t place them randomly because Google algorithms are smart enough to determine the context of your content.