The details on your online business listings are of utmost importance. In fact, details such as your number, address, and opening hours have a huge role in determining your visibility in search engine results. Most businesses only focus on rankings but that’s not the only important element in this equation. Accurate citations have an important role in determining where businesses are placed on listings and directories where people are searching. The question here is; what happens if these citations are not accurate? Customers get pissed when they get inaccurate details about businesses; the way these details mislead them will definitely make them lose trust in the business they searched for. The first and most important step businesses have to take in order to recover from inaccurate citations is to correct them and make sure they’re all accurate. While this can be super easy for small businesses, it will be complicated for those with hundreds of locations. Either way, it’s a vital measure to ensure the credibility of the business. In this article, we will explore the measures businesses can take in order to recover from the damage inaccurate online citations cause.
  • Make Sure your Website Details are Precise

It really goes without saying that including precise numbers and locations is super important on a business’s website. However, this becomes more complicated for businesses with multiple locations in different places and states. In this case, the best solution will be to build a database that includes all the business’s present locations. It can get really challenging to maintain accurate citations for all business listings but it’s very necessary and it always has to be done. Without establishing a database that includes all the location addresses of a business, it will be impossible to maintain accurate details for all listings when dealing with citation cleanups.
  • Target Positive Customer Reviews

It’s a known fact; customers trust the reviews from their fellow customers. Those who will check your listing will absolutely pay the reviews tab a visit. What they see there will either make their impression of your business or break it. Even if they check your listing only for the contact info of your business, it can only be better for you when they find positive feedback from other users. Always keep in mind that happy customers bring more customers when it comes to online listings.
  • Pay Attention to your Reputation

There are so many websites and platforms that specialize in citations and customer reviews. From Trip Advisor to Yelp, this list is long and includes an infinite number of platforms. It can be very beneficial if you make sure your presence on these websites contributes to your business only in the best, and most, positive ways. What you need to do here is to make sure every negative review is answered in a polite manner and every positive feedback is appreciated. Customers will decide whether to trust you or not through the way you, and your business, are present on their trust review website.
  • Never Forget the Importance of Google My Business’s Q&A Feature

Google My Business’s Q&A is one of the tools that may come handy for you in order to make sure your customers get the details you want them to. It’s crucial that you make sure every question is answered with the right and most accurate answer. It can also serve you in fixing the damage caused by inaccurate listings. When you answer a customer’s question on GMB, you’re not only fixing an inaccurate information they have, you’re also letting them know that you care about them as customers. That will only contribute to your brand image. In the end, I want you to know that there is nothing you can’t recover from in the local search game. All you have to do is be aware of your presence and the presence of your business online. What you want to do is limit negative feedback and highlight the positive, of course, with maintaining accurate details and pieces of information on your listings and citations.

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