Google has been updating its local business services and providing better support for business owners to manage their business profiles directly in Search and Maps. The new names Google Business profile comes with the major changes in business profile management as Google aims to get management of many business profile features out of Google My Business. Business owners and local enthusiasts should get used to Google Business Profile as will be the new name for the platform. Google announced that it will completely retire the Google My Business app in 2022. This isn’t the first time Google changes its business-management service. Before Google Business Profile and Google My Business, it used to be called Google Places and before that Google+ Local. We are even that Google Business Profile will not remain the service’s name forever.
  • Where Will Google My Business Go?

We can hear you asking where the name Google My Business will go. Google has had many businesses manage their single listings directly on Google Search and Google Maps, on the web or through the apps. It has even been widely known that Google prefers this way and single-listing management over the old way on Google My Business console. While this is applicable mostly and primarily to local small business, Google has claimed that the current Google My Business approach will be shifted to support mostly large businesses with various and numerous locations and be renamed Business Profile Manager. In case you’re currently managing a Google My Business account that has multiple locations or if you’re an agency managing multiple businesses, you will still be using a GMB-like interface but with the name Google Business Profile Manager. Of course, as time goes by, this will most certainly witness changes and updates.
  • Are there New Features Coming with the Update?

Yes, there will be new changes and features coming with the new name. The changes include but are not limited to;
  • The ability to claim and verify the Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps.
  • Call History (only in the United States and Canada for now)
  • Messaging has become directly from Google Search.
To manage your business, you can either look your business name up on Google Search or Google Maps for businesses. You can also search “my business” on Google Search to find all the listings you claimed and verified. This change is important because businesses need to get accustomed to the new local business environment that Google is creating with the rebranding of Google My Business. It’s also an opportunity to be a few steps ahead regarding the new features.