We can all agree that setting a Google My Business account for your business isn’t enough to enjoy all the services and privileges the platform presents. I’m saying this because so many features get neglected on GMB and there are some practices that prevent business owners from enjoying their GMB platform to the fullest.

In this article series, we will explore these neglected services and the common mistakes that GMB users face. We will also give you some recommendations on the proper and best way to use the platform.

The first feature we want to talk about is Q&A. Q&A can be very helpful for customers and beneficial for business owners, however, it’s still abandoned and neglected. Q&A analytics tool ThriveHive has conducted research that explored more than 40k Google Business profiles. They found that the Q&A tool is not given much importance by so many businesses.

With the absence of business owners, most answers to the questions asked by clients came from Google Local Guides.

The Customer Does NOT Like Waiting

Studies have shown that most customers expect and wish to have answers to their reviews and inquiries within 24 hours. When it comes to questions, they can be urgent and clients will wish for an answer as soon as possible. Questions about parking options or delivery options are very important to the client and a late answer can make them look for another local store.

This Should Be Very Important to You, Business Owners

While most Google Local Guides provide accurate and reliable answers, you, as a business owner, should not wait for them to do this job. It is very important that you get as engaged as you can with your clients to provide the best answers and to show them that you care. Remember that providing a satisfactory answer can turn visitors into clients.

Q&A does not only show questions, but it can also include comments and criticism that businesses should check and respond to.

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