The world of search marketing is growing, developing, and changing constantly and we always say here that the best strategy has to be based on updated information and insights. Knowing what to do next and where to invest effort, time, and sometimes money has to be based on a solid awareness of what’s happening in the search marketing world. In this context, we bring you this article to explore a few of the biggest Search Engine trends to keep an eye on.
  • Task Automation

Today, all effective marketers are counting on the smart automation of their daily tasks. It’s not only to save time and effort as Google’s ever-growing Ad competition has made cutting through the clutter very challenging. Processing and manipulating all the enormous search data have made buying into automation an absolute necessity. The growth in automation will definitely bring more tools that take responsibility for optimizing, tracking, and reporting on marketing campaigns. While automation can provide many solutions, it still has to be used intelligently through human intervention. This trend is not made to work for all brands that’s why it still needs supervision manual calibrations to make sure it’s working towards the goals it was used to achieve.
  • The Next Big Thing in Search

Various reports estimated that voice search operations reached around one billion per month by January 2018. Imagine how much that number grew in the past 2 years and a half. We always say on this blog that voice search will grow to surpass the traditional search engine operations we always knew. It not only changes the way people search for information but also the terms and phrases they use to find what they’re looking for. Even though voice search still couldn’t find its way to search engine marketing, it is today a primary target in search optimization efforts. Long-tail keywords have become an eminent target for marketers to target voice searchers. They also made the content on their landing pages written in a more conversational style.
  • Integrating PPC and SEO

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization are interrelated. Today, using them together can ensure better results. When determining keywords for an SEO strategy, PPC data can assist in finding the most relevant and profitable keywords to use for support in organic ranking. On the other hand, search engine optimization makes it easier to determine the best keywords to bid on. The way pay per click ad copies perform can be used by search engine optimization to find the best content for metadata. It’s also worth noting that companies and brands that combine organic and paid listings achieve more dominance in SERP than others.