Search engine optimization is not exclusive to appearing on the first pages of local search results. SEO is also powerful in promoting accounts and content on other different platforms and social media networks. An absolute majority of marketers and content creators focus their search engine optimization efforts on local search ranks. Those who dedicate some time and effort to their business’ presence on Instagram will definitely be a step ahead of their competition. Instagram has its ranking algorithms which are not very different from those of the search engines. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when setting an Instagram account for your business.
  • Setting a Username That’s Hard to Search For

One of the first things you have to decide when setting an Instagram account for your business is the username. The username is probably the most important keyword opportunity in the entire account. A business’ Instagram username should be short, easy to read, and memorable. The username is an opportunity to tell the target customers what the business is offering and make sure they don’t forget it anytime soon. An appropriate username should not include irrelevant symbols and should be in the native language of the majority of the target audience. The best username is short but expressive and put in a way that facilitates searching for it.
  • Not Using Keywords in the Bio

The bio and captions are important components of an Instagram SEO strategy. The bio is the first thing the target customers go through as soon as they click on the account. It should be filled with primary and secondary keywords but never in a way that makes it hard to read. It’s important to make the bio an asset when potential customers are looking for a specific kind of business. At the same time, they have to be comfortable reading the bio and learning more about the business they found.
  • Not Using and Misusing Hashtags

Hashtags work in a way that allows users to find the content they are looking for from different accounts, businesses, and creators. They are the main keywords that facilitate a search for Instagram users. Hashtags should be chosen very carefully and in a smart way that predicts what the target audience would search for. Many marketers and content creators make the mistake of using the same hashtags on every post. That’s wrong simply because Instagram can easily interpret it as spam. Using hashtags for Instagram optimization is a very important part of any strategy. It’s also worth mentioning that there are tools such as Combin Growth to help marketers and content creators make their research about the hashtags they choose to use. As we mentioned multiple times, search engine optimization is not too complicated to understand. It starts as a new process but becomes easier to grasp and learn more about.