This new feature can be highly beneficial for local businesses in achieving more exposure in Google. The newly added label to the local pack can be visible on desktop and mobile searches. The new function aims to inform local searchers about the availability of their desired items in the local stores. When Google knows the searched item is available in a local store, it shows a “sold here” label in the store’s description.

How It Looks Like

Currently, Google shows and encircled blue checkmark with “sold here” right next to it. Then, it shows the query the searcher used in the Google search. Here is an example: "Sold Here" Label Added on Google's Local Pack 1

Triggering the Feature

This feature will only work if Google knows the local store’s product inventory and a local searcher makes a Google search on one of the available products in the local store.

Getting the Label

Unfortunately, it is still not completely clear on how to get the label. This feature is brand new and we can only assume a lot of details concerning it will be clear in the next few months.

The Importance of this Feature

This feature will inform local searchers that your local store has the product (or products) they are searching for. The importance is not only in the new checkmark and line Google adds to your local listing, but it will also increase your local search visibility and increase your in-store conversions.

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