The survey we’ll go through ensured the participation of 400 business owners. The survey’s findings showed a clear confusion about how SEO works and its importance for businesses.   While Google has been a vital component of business’ online game for over 20 years, many business owners still struggle to figure out the importance of the giant search engine and how it works in the first place. The surprising findings were 2 of many from a recent survey conducted by a digital entity named Fractl. The digital agency surveyed both business owners and customers on their SEO and Google search awareness. 977 people participated in the survey; 394 of them were business owners. Business owners were divided according to their number of employees; 219 with less than 5 employees and the rest between 5 and 100 employees. The survey was composed of a set of questions ranging from basic to advanced including the notions of some SEO buzzwords. Study Finds SEO Basics are Still Not Clear to Business Owners   5 One of the main questions was targeting the way Google ranks search results. Only 13% of customers and 26% of business owners believed they had a clear or expert-level understanding of why some search results rank higher than others. At the same time, the absolute majority of both groups did not have a clue why some Google search results rank higher than others. This absence of a clear SEO knowledge was also obvious in the answers to some other SEO-related questions. Of course, nobody can expect the general public to know details about Search Engine Optimization and how it works or identify the key SEO concepts. However, one can only assume that business owners would have some of that knowledge because it affects and influences their businesses and competition directly. Study Finds SEO Basics are Still Not Clear to Business Owners   6This part of the survey aimed to explore the business owner’s SEO knowledge; 55% said they were highly familiar with Search Engine Optimization and 18.4% believed SEO was important their business’ health and performance. On the other hand, 26% didn’t consider SEO to be important for their business’ success. The majority (55%) were in the middle as they recognized the importance of SEO but didn’t have a clear vision of how important it is.

Why Is This Important?

On the Quistbuilder blog, we have been writing about SEO for so long and we always aim to make our clients aware of its importance. As you have noticed in this article, not all business owners are aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization and that gives a great advantage to those who are aware and who use SEO properly. For examples, we recently started some local campaigns for website design in Swansboro and website design in Morehead City, NC that you can take a look at. In this context, as a business owner, you need to make sure you have the power of SEO on your side to have that advantage and be ahead of your competition.