Local SEO has always been a fierce competition for small businesses; everyone wants to be on Google Search’s first page. While it gets harder and harder with more businesses trying to rank higher every single day, there are a few cornerstones that every small business owner trying to rank their website higher on Google should know. In this article, we will break down the most basic, but super important, 3 elements to put a strong SEO strategy together.

Organize your Content in a Smart Plan

Updating your website with new content and value for visitors and searchers is a vital element to anything you do on Google Search. Whether you do this through a blog or any other form of content, Google needs to know that you’re providing value for potential customers. This is important because most businesses focus on how they can sell more by reaching more people. The smart choice, in this context, is to think about the value you’re presenting to your potential customers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related directly to your products but to the problem that your product aims to solve. Establishing authority in any field will get potential customers to trust you and anything associated with you; starting with your product.

Some Things Never Change

Every time we talk about the local search game, we insist that some things never change. One of those things is the importance of keywords. Keywords match the content on your website with the words searchers use to find content. Experts recommend small businesses use long-tail keywords. As the name suggests, these keywords are longer and therefore tend to get more specific. That specificity in your content will allow more of your snippets to get featured and therefore rank higher and result in more traffic.

Dedicate a Particular Focus to Customer Experience

Customers influence each other, always keep that in mind and as you update your website with content, think about testimonials that aren’t coming from you. Engage your satisfied customers by asking them to provide short stories exploring their experience with you and your product/service. These stories should become regular with basic SEO applied to them. Keep in mind that it’s not only about driving traffic to your website but also about convincing potential customers of the quality you provide. Nobody is more credible to testify for your product’s quality than other loyal customers. While there has never been a detailed and exact formula on how to plan and execute the perfect SEO strategy, there are important elements that will never change. Our most relevant recommendation will always be to keep experimenting with new content, new keywords, and new methods.