The 4 Local Search Trends of 2015 3 Local Search has been evolving and will always continue to evolve, and this year we have witnessed a lot of changes and developments in Local search. We selected 4 local search trends of 2015 that you should know about:

1. Local results: from 7 to 3

This is maybe the biggest change in local search in 2015. Google’s search engine results page (SERP) dropped its results per page from 7 to 3. The results also became displayed lower on the page giving ads the major and important space. This isn’t going to change anytime soon. Everyone has realized the importance of being ranked in the top 3 of local search results and businesses now have to pay for the special spots.

2. Near Me

A huge majority of Google location searchers perform their searches and inquiries for locations through mobile devices. Proximity searches that are based on the user’s location are now taking a huge importance in Google’s local ranking. Of course, you’re not able to optimize and target your customers by their different specific locations. Local marketers and business owners are now required to work hard on their local presence in their respective areas. To do that, here are few recommendations:
  • Pay attention to the big 3; name, address, and phone. They should be accurately mentioned on your website.
  • Add appropriately structured data markup in order to enhance local search and proximity search results.
  • Make sure your city and state are mentioned in your title tags.
  • Work on reliable local links.

3. A Responsive Website is Vital

Earlier this year, Google announced that all businesses have to make their websites responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that their pages must be easily viewed on any portable device. Of course, not all businesses did what the announcement said so, those who didn’t update their websites to be mobile-friendly witnessed major drops in their local search ranking. Mobile-friendly websites had become so important due to the remarkable rise of mobile searches. Google wants to offer those who use it to search for information and locations with the most suitable websites and pages for any device they might use in the searching process. Of course, businesses that exclude mobile devices from easy visibility will be ranked lower in search results.

4. The Importance of Searcher Behavior

The behavior of Google searchers hasn’t been more important in Google search algorithms. Sites that suffer from negative click-through rates, high bounce rates, or low time-on-site rates are being highly affected now. Pay attention to your website insights. If visitors behavior isn’t that good on your website, make sure to do some self-evaluation and find where the problems are. It can be in your content or in any small detail you don’t expect to make all that damage. And of course, make sure that everything on your website is helpful, well presented, and not offensive in any way.   View our recent blog post, “Google is Making User Reviews Fun”” and let us know your thoughts! Contact QuistBuilder for website design and SEO for your local business.

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