Search Engine Optimization is a field that doesn’t cease to change and develop over time. With every new year, new SEO trends and practices come to life making content creators and business owners in need of updates. When it comes to SEO, predictions and outdated measures don’t result in a positive outcome. Instead, it’s vital for local SEOs and business owners to shape updated and accurate strategies. In this article, we will explore some of the most relevant SEO measures to focus on in 2020.

·      Stop Wasting your Time and Money

Try to evaluate your SEO efforts regularly and make sure that your strategy is achieving positive results. Let’s take the example of structured citations; considered as a fundamental SEO component but doesn’t always result in a real advancement and a practical SEO value. SEO measures that don’t deliver and noticeable value are a waste of time, effort, and financial resources. 

·      Always Focus on Local Content

2020 should be a year to focus on the multiple ways Google aims to present its users the most customized local services depending on their specific usage and intent. We recommend dedicating an extra effort to photos and posts as well as reviews in a way that facilitates Google’s understanding of the content in question. This will make it easier for your content to be presented easily. 

·      Be Engaged and Interact with your Customers

Don’t limit your interaction with your customers to viewing their reviews. Instead, it’s always better to be more engaged and have conversations through features such as; reviews, Q&A, and chat…etc.  It’s also very important to use calls to action and try to convince your customers and website visitors to buy, call, or view something depending on your strategy. Combining engagement and conversion is one of the most efficient strategies as you start but establishing rapport with customers before offering them something or calling them to action.

·      Don’t Be Afraid to TEST

Search isn’t constant for SEO experts and business owners to implement very specific strategies and get very specific results. Search depends on the unique context, environment, and capabilities of every single business. In order to determine the most efficient SEO tricks and techniques for a specific business, there has to be some thinking outside the box and testing new ideas and visions. No matter how many SEO advice and tutorials you may find on the internet, it’s always important to consider the unique identity of a business before starting to show it on Google’s first page.