So many business owners learn about blogging and how it can contribute to their businesses and local search performance. Yet, they don’t make their homework about the details and how blogging can make them a step ahead of their competitors. In this article, we will explore 5 ways through which blogging can change the local search game for your benefit. According to Google Statistics, 80% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses that provide their needs. The same statistics show that almost 20% make a purchase from the business they find through local search the same day.

Never Forget the Local Factor

It’s very beneficial for your blog to use local events and news and write about them. This does not only give you a better SEO outcome, but it also attracts engagement from local customers. In this context, you can always give your target local customers the service of covering important events and happenings in your community (with the touch of a business owner, of course).

The Blog Should Not Be Separate From Your Business Website

Try your best to host your blog on the same domain as your business website. This will help a lot when it comes to SEO. The ideal blog URL would be ( instead of other links such as ( or ( The idea here is to link the blog to your website so that both benefit from an increased inbound traffic. A high inbound traffic will rank your business website and blog higher in search engines.

Let Your Blog be a Trusted Source For Your Target Customers

You are probably wondering what to blog about as a business owner. Of course, it’s not recommended that you write new posts about your business and products every single day. That will not only make your blog boring, it can also push your target customers away. Marketing and Sales Strategist David Meerman Scott tweeted “Stop talking about your products and services. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.”. The objective here is not to promote your business and products as much as you can. Through this blog, you want to establish a platform that presents opinions and reviews for customers to trust and count on; not only about your products but about the industry itself. The more your target customers visit your blog for recommendations, the more inbound traffic you’ll achieve and the higher local search results you’ll climb.

Never Forget to List your NAP

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Every time you list your business info anywhere, you need to list it in an identical format for SEO purpose. It has to be listed in your social media profiles and your blog and anywhere your business is visible online. On your blog, your NAP info should be listed in the footer, contact page and about page. As we said, they should follow the same identical format.

Be Original and Let Your Target Audience Feel It

The first and probably most important detail you need to think about before starting to write for people is knowing whom you’re writing for. You need to know your audience very well in order to create the content that will attract them to your blog. Do your research and brainstorm to find the most interesting topics and news that will be interesting to your local target audience. It’s very important to develop a style that does not only inform but attracts too. When people like your style, they always come back for more, and your blog grows with more traffic and more fans.

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