The spread of Coronavirus around the world has impacted the way we live and almost all aspects of our daily life. With the unemployment rates getting higher and governments struggling to maintain a safer environment by urging people to work from home, the Coronavirus has created a new reality. The impact of the Coronavirus has also reached the local search game and local search behavior. This drastic change occurred on two main levels:
  • Search behavior has been changing and will not stop anytime soon with an obvious rise in “at home” keyword derivatives.
  • The highest demands are now lying in the most essential products rather than normal desire-based products.
With this new situation, it’s important to ask; how can we update our search engine strategies to target the largest audiences and be relevant in this time of pandemic?
  • Dedicate a Page to Coronavirus

This becomes even more urgent if you have an essential business that provides essential services and that has been highly impacted by COVID-19. Dedicating a page on your website that tackles the different news and information about Coronavirus can limit the traffic loss. This doesn’t mean that you have to share random info about the pandemic. Most businesses do this to share what they are doing in the current situation. Even businesses that haven’t been impacted can do this to promote their brand and enhance their clients’ trust in them.
  • Create Content Around “Hot Topics”

Exploring new topics that are emerging and attracting searchers will enhance visibility and attract a higher search demand. It’s important to create content around “hot topics” at the same time as people are searching for them or around them. This is one of the tactics to be a step ahead of the competition as search engines rank content that’s up-to-date higher than the rest. The important point here is to find the most relevant topics and to determine what people are searching for exactly. Of course, various tools will help you do that but the most important one remains; Google Trends.
  • Google Trends

Google Trends is the first and most relevant place to go to when exploring “hot topics”, trends, and developments in search behavior. This tool is the pioneer in keyword-research because it’s updated more frequently than any other. Other tools such as “Keyword Planner” are also helpful and contain updated data but most of them update monthly. The greatest advantage of Google Trends is that it updates its data in real-time. The search for emerging trends starts with exploring the most relevant keywords to your business then add possible modifiers. Today, “at home” and “indoor” are highly searched all around the world. Even if you find it hard to come up with a topic, the Google Trends homepage can provide great ideas and inspire you to find exactly what you’re looking for.