Amazon declared that Echo Dot was the global best-selling gadget during “Cyber Weekend”. This declaration proves the rising consumption of smart speakers all around the world. On the other hand, it’s still not clear how smart displays are performing even though we can guess that Google’s Home Hub was probably purchased by many users around the world. Here you can see how it’s performing on eBay:

What Google Home Hub Lacks as a Local Search Tool 1

Smart speakers and displays have not been taken as a marketing channel even though they have some massive marketing opportunities to offer for businesses. Most consumers are using them for music, weather, and reminders.

The National Public Media’s Smart Audio Report presented a survey that suggested an important number of smart-speaker-users were using their products for local searches. However, using these products for local search purposes wasn’t consistent. The consistency, in this case, is a very important factor to consider before determining whether smart speakers and screen are going to be powerful local search tools or not. Think about smartphones and how they have become the first and most important local search tool through constant usage for that purpose. This is from the user’s end but from Google’s end, the giant search engine can play an important role in the optimization of smart speakers and screens to serve local search purposes.

For the time being, if you use Google Home or Home Hub for local search, the device will list some business names and their respective categories. Google Home will read the names one by one. You can then ask for the directions on your phone or call the business which isn’t bad but is hard due to the audio quality.

Google Home Hub is able to do all the mentioned above with extra visual content. We are wondering why Google hasn’t integrated its GMB rich data because it’s not that challenging on the technical level. It would be way nicer if the Google Home Hub search results were identical to those of the smartphone or PC.

We believe that Google has to put more work and effort on its smart speakers when it comes to their connectivity with the smartphone. Unlike Amazon, Google products have an installed mobile user base and it’s a huge advantage to build on. Google has the opportunity to work on cross-platform experience that will keep it ahead of its competitors.

We believe that Google Home and Home Hub will not be a solid local search tool unless Google decides to work on their potential and try to make them as efficient as smartphones.

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