We have underlined over the course of all our previous articles that Google my business is nothing, but a special application feature designed by Google. GMB accounts are generally there for a business listing. But Google My business has many other roles. Creating such an account is necessary for successful Local Search Engine Optimization. Not only this, but the Google My Business account also helps the potential customers to easily connect with the online sellers. In case you have not understood why YOU SHOULD claim your GMB listing, this article will walk you through what we think are the most relevant reasons.

1- Appearance on Google Maps

If you create a google business account, your physical store will appear on the local google map. People in need of service will come to your store instead of going to some other store far away from their home. The Google my business account also provides the customers with the proper direction to get to the physical store.

2- Customer Reviews

The application of the Google My Business account is formed in such a way that it garners reviews from customers. The positive reviews will improve your customer base and build trust among the people. In case of negative reviews, please take them as constructive criticism.

3- It’s Free

The best thing about Google My Business is that you don’t have to pay anything to create the Google My Business account. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can access their GMB Account.

What are the major new features of the Google My Business account in 2021?

If you already have a Google My Business account and you’re more interested to know the newest features of GMB, here are a few points that will answer your inquiry:
  • Google my business attributes

To help searchers with proper information, Google My Business has come up with several new attributes. The health and safety attributes are required appointments, required masks, required temperature checks, and so on. For restaurants, Google My Business ensures attributes like dine-in, no-contact delivery, curbside pickup, and so on.
  • Video conferencing

In 2021, the Google My Business account has done some changes to the maximum video size. You can upload up to 75 MB of videos. For business-related video conferencing, the Google My Business account is pretty popular nowadays.
  • Business intelligence

Google My Business improves the clarity of your business by putting up better infographics, cover photos, etc. The GMB also helps the business to provide to the customer needs, and this way, GMB makes your business service exactly what your customers need.
  • Covid 19 announcements and business upgradation

Google My Business informs the searches whether a physical store is closed due to covid or not. In addition, to provide you with an edge over other competitors in the market, the GMB advises the business about necessary upgrades.
  • Addition of business services

Nowadays, if your business comes up with some new services, you can add those to your Google My Business Account. This modern 2021 facility will help your business’ online credibility and accuracy as well as helping it grow within a short period of time.
  • Messaging

Now, it has become possible to message through the Google My Business account on your desktop user interface. You can avail of this feature on the chat screen of your smartphone as well. The application adds a special message button. All these updated features of Google My Business Account will improve your business profit and, of course, brand awareness. So, learn as much as you can about Google My Business, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Quistbuilder.